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E-Commerce friendly banner to communicate your promotion online

Annisa Ayu Chrisnadila

24 September 2021

Remember our talk about how brands can thrive in marketplace, here? One of the most important steps in maximizing a brand’s presence on market is to communicate the promotion. 

Before and after digital takeover, graphic design plays important role in conveying brand message (including promotion) to target audience. We can create banner to communicate our promotion in marketplace. Done right, banner can entice customers to visit page product (traffic) or even check out.   So, how to create stand out banner in a crowded marketplace? 

1. The principle 

The following are staples in composing e-commerce friendly banner 

E-commerce friendly banner to communicate your promotion


Brand’s name/Logo 

Headline, can be campaign title or unique selling point (USP) of the product 

Promotion, direct promotion message to be highlighted. For example: Buy 1 Get 1, Cashback, Free Gift, Free Voucher, and so on. 

Period, aside from informing the time frame. This can also create a sense of urgency and incite customers to buy. For example, last chance, limited time offers, only today, 3 days left, etc. 

Product images, to appeal to the audience, use real images with high quality visuals and a perfect shoot. Physical detail, demonstrating how the product is used, and function are some examples. 

Call-to-Action (CTA), invitation for audience or leads to take desired action. Example: Add to cart, Go to page, Remind me, etc.


2. Best practices 

Apart from following brand’s guideline or identity, don’t ignore these practices to optimize your banner 

Clear & Concise  

Keep the font type and text as minimum as possible to deliver message effectively 

Easy to read 

Place text on one side of the banner to make it easier to read and to help the audience identify the important message. 

Highlight CTA button  

It is essential to make buttons appear clickable. Remember to use a contrast color to make the CTA button stand out from the other components. 

Priority Point 

Use visual hierarchy, particularly typography, to arrange elements in ascending order of importance. Allowing audiences to catch the key phrase at first glance. This can be accomplished by utilizing various font sizes, styles, and colors. 

We cannot neglect the fact that in today’s digital market, visuals play a significant role in attracting people’s attention. As a result, a good e-commerce friendly banner can assist you in emphasizing your promotion on the first scroll of the page. 


About Jet Commerce

Jet Commerce started its role as the provider of e-commerce solutions in the Indonesia B2B sector in 2017. The company then began engaging deeper into the e-commerce industry and create a new holding as one of Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce integrated service providers. Jet Commerce helps brands develop their e-commerce businesses through end-to-end solutions focusing on consumer experience.

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Do You Have Any Question?

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