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Case Study: How Jet Commerce Acquired 1M Followers on realme Official Stores in less than a year

Annisa Chrisnadila

27 January 2021

realme, emerging smartphone brand, was challenged to grow their official store’s followers inside the platform. Here’s Jet Commerce attempt to find the best approach for followers with different behavior in building online community on marketplace.

How’s the Situation?

The extending growth of social media has created a world where followers are treasured. Beyond personal level, it has inspired e-commerce sites to bring the idea of followers to online stores. Four out of six big e-commerce platforms in Indonesia have adopted social media features for instance followers, feed, story and Livestream to build community inside of the platform, including Shopee Indonesia.

Online community opens a window of opportunity for brand to marketing and experimentation. By nourishing community, we can attract audience, generate more leads and enhance the business(1). More importantly, community is one of the keys to build brand loyalty.

Looking at the growing community in Shopee Indonesia, realme Official Store started the first step to cultivate community on Shopee official store as well by growing its store followers to 1 million in 2020.

What’s the Challenge?

In Jan 2020, realme Official Store reached around 270 thousand followers. Whereas more than half-million followers acquired by realme Indonesia’s Instagram page.

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Picture 1. Total followers on Instagram realme Indonesia on Jan 2020

Despite of the effect of social media function, growing followers outside of social media platforms remain meet its own challenges, from different follower’s behavior to limited marketing mechanism. With this we need to explore, create and experiment with a creative method whatever of existing features that to be able to contribute gain followers. Not only grabbing more segmented followers, but we may also help to let followers to purchase eventually. 

How Do We Approach?

In current state, social media and e-commerce platforms have a continuous relation where awareness and interest that build on social media will lead the desire to finally do the action on e-commerce site. As Sprout Social has disclosed (2), one of the reasons for following a brand in social media is naturally to learn about a product or service. Meanwhile, the trait of followers on e-commerce is driven by promotion.

Based on this, we devise a strategy that covers what most followers are looking forward in official store. We break this down into four methods:

  • Activation Program

Try to maximize the reach on Feed and store banner by hosting followers contest is one of the essential parts of the program. We offered rewards in exchange for a targeted number of followers. To enter this contest, Shopee users required to follow realme Official Store. Then, we drew followers when the targeted number of followers has reached to find the lucky winner.

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Picture 2. Key Visual in realme followers contest

  • Encourage on Livestream

Livestreaming has ability to broaden the reach as well. Viewers gather to collect vouchers or waiting for the giveaway. Taken this as an opportunity to encourage viewers to follow. Reminding follower’s benefits and making ‘follow’ as a condition to win the giveaway.

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Picture 3. Livestreaming winner giveaway

  • Follow Prize

Shopee specifically made followers voucher to help the store increase its followers. This pop-up voucher serves its purpose. Based on our experience, using followers voucher fasten the process of growing store followers. We activate this voucher with different values depending on the moment. On peak days we increase the value to attract more claims. On the other way, activating voucher followers has helped more users to purchase.

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  (Source: seller.shopee.co.id)

Picture 4. Followers vouchers on the store page and feed

  • Golden Moment

Golden moment appears at online shopping festival or exclusive launch when the store receives platform exposure resulted in a surge of store traffic. We also make the best use of this prime opportunity by channeling the traffic to a campaign or activity that can boost followers.

How’s Result?

After months working on store followers, we found the most effective way to leverage store followers is through followers’ vouchers. As for activation programs on feed or live streaming can help to give a nudge, but not as promptly as voucher did.

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Picture 5. Monthly new followers’ growth on realme Official Store

Comparison between new followers and claimed voucher followers. The below picture shows most of new followers affected by voucher.

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  Picture 6. Comparison between new followers and claimed vouchers.

Yet the activity on feed or story are working best for interaction and nurturing community of the existing followers. 

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Picture 7. One of quizzes on feed of realme Official Store

The heavy traffic on Golden Moment can deliver doubled or even tripled followers. As shown below, on the months where we had an exclusive launch (September & October) and mega campaign (November & December) recorded as months with the highest number of new followers.

No alt text provided for this image

Picture 8. Monthly new followers in 2020

Over 10 months realme Official Store reached 1 Million followers in November, by the end of 2020 number of followers on realme Official Store has surged to 342%.

No alt text provided for this image

                                                                                                            (Data per January 2021)

Picture 9. Store page of realme Official Store

This made realme Official Store ranks as the top official store with highest followers in phone category.

No alt text provided for this image

  (Data per January 2021)

Table 1. Followers of the electronic category (smartphone) Official Stores on Shopee Mall

Besides realme Official Store, Jet Commerce also helps OPPO in the same category and as followed Y.O.U to reach 1M followers by the end of 2020.

About Jet Commerce

Jet Commerce started its role as the provider of e-commerce solutions in the Indonesia B2B sector in 2017. The company then began engaging deeper into the e-commerce industry and create a new holding as one of Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce integrated service providers. Jet Commerce helps brands develop their e-commerce businesses through end-to-end solutions focusing on consumer experience.


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