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The Memento of Jet Commerce’s 2nd Anniversary

Annisa Ayu Chrisnadila

26 February 2019

Jet Commerce’s 2nd Anniversary Celebrations

Last Thursday was an exceptional day for Jet Commerce HQ team. Instead of staying in the office, right at 3 PM o’clock, we were heading straight to The Golden Sense Restaurant. Hundreds of people dressed in navy colored shirt were ready to celebrate two years of Jet Commerce’s journey.

Here are the highlights of our second-anniversary celebration. This is the least we could do to portray all the fun we had. In between joy and laughter, we remember our endeavor to be at this point in time.

Posed with the latest Jet Commerce T-shirt collection

A moment will last longer to be remembered with pictures. Let the party begin…

Our CEO, Oliver Yang shared his wisdom to start our celebration party. He reminded our core and purpose to Jet Commerce team.

Webber Chen, our Managing Director motivated the team as well

The anniversary ceremony with Jet birthday cake and kanpai filled with wishes and gratitude

Declaration of Jet Commerce’s Spirit. This is the driving force in completing our job.

Get down to the good time showered with entertainment show. From singing to magic tricks, Jet Commerce team revealed their hidden talent in first Jet Commerce’s got Talent!

This is the time we mingle into celebratory vibes in between talent show and live performances of our team.

This was the day that belongs to all of the Jet Commerce team. A day to appreciate our hard work and inspire us to keep striving the best for Jet Commerce. That’s why we awarded 5 employee who show outstanding performance in categories below:

Team Player | Executive Choice | Chatterbox | Positive Vibes | Human Handbook

Just like what our CEO said earlier, this one year appreciation is the way to thank everyone who choose to stay and carry on the journey.

Moves in sync to show how energetic our team with Jet Commerce dance

It’s a hard decision to chose three winners out of 8 amusing performances. But the voice of each audience has voted for top 3 remarkable performances and it goes to ….

Jet Angels in 3rd place | The Mandaynese in 2nd place | And 1 st place belongs to our comic, John from warehouse team

Not only the awardee and the winners who came home with prizes. The lucky ones with fortunate numbers also had won many door prizes. 10 tumblers, 10 power banks, 10 mini speakers and 16 smartphones are having new owners.

We may meet the end of the second-anniversary celebration. But our team is all set to face our journey in the new age.

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Do You Have Any Question?

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