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Talent Show? Nope! It’s Impeccable Talent Performances, Jet Commerce Got Talent!

Annisa Ayu Chrisnadila

5 March 2019

February 21, 2019 – Jet Commerce Got Talent

What’s so special in our second anniversary celebration? Apart from celebrating every achievement we have made in 2 years. We also gave our team a perfect chance to express their talent. We realized most of our team is millennials that brimming with gift and they need a stage to show what they got!

Yes! As a result, we came up with Jet Commerce’s Got Talent to be a special event for Jet Commerce team in revealing their hidden talents. Without further ado, here is the recap of first Jet Commerce’s got Talent!

1.      The Birth of a zombie by Mother of Blood

Who says makeup was made only to beautify women? Steffi who claims herself as Mother of Blood proves them wrong!

We were in horror and amazed by Steffi’s ability to made zombie look out of makeup, oatmeal, and chocolate! Can you believe it???

2.      The Mandaynese with Dayak Tribe’s Exotic Dance

The Mandaynese was performing art that combines martial, war and theatrical into a dance

It was an eye-open show that introduced Central Kalimantan’s culture to us

2.      LOL Moment with Jhon

Jhon is a comic who brought the warehouse story to the stage.

He gave us the true definition of laughing out loud!

3.      Intricate magic trickery with Marten


The stage has morphed darker when Marten tried to call his friend from another dimension

For a few minutes, we were under his spell. Tried to decipher his card magic tricks

4.      Jamming session with BVG

Acoustic guitar performance from Bryan complements the mellifluous voice of Gio and Ovi

Sway, sway, sway… we were in utter enjoyment when listening to BVG

5.      All-Kill Kpop gigs with Untitled

Omona! Make some whistle for Jet Commerce’s girlband, Untitled

Every time they show up, they glow up, indeed.

*All-kill is an K-pop terms when a group’s song or album simultaneously takes the top spot of all eight Korean music charts

6.      Time to dance with Jet Angels

Not only Charlie has mind-blowing angels. Jet Angels blew us away with their moves!

Their choreography translated into confident, energetic and graceful. No wonder they got intense applause from the crowd

7.      Nourishing Sundanese heritage with Reni

Reni brought back the Jaipong dance and ignite our pride for Indonesia cultural wealth

After all the dazzling performances we had a dilemma on our hands –exactly on our hands since we need to make online voting to determine the winners of Jet Commerce’s Got Talent. Every talent has its feature and it was a tough decision to choose three winners.

Make some noise for ‘Jet Commerce’s Got Talent’ winners!!!

Jet Angels, 3rd winner

The Mandaynese, 2nd winner

Jhon, 1st winner

First Jet Commerce’s Got Talent was a blast! We are proud to be with a dream team. The source of Jet Commerce’s growth is in the hand of its team. Reflecting on Jet Commerce’s got talent, we are pretty sure in the right hands.


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Do You Have Any Question?

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