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Jet Commerce Proceed 2 Explore

Annisa Ayu Chrisnadila

23 January 2019

23/01/19 – Jet Commerce’s 2nd Anniversary!

Jet Commerce was born to connect local sellers to the world. In a vision to let the world believe in Indonesian products, we act as the authorized channel partner of Alibaba.com in Indonesia. Time glides on as we keep growing. One year passed and now we step into two.

The time between 1 and 2 year are one of rapid change. For children, this is the time when they are on the move and discovering the world. Reflecting on child behavior, Jet Commerce has its own groove.

Just like a 2 year old child who likes to explore, Jet Commerce has explored other path to be an e-commerce enabler on August 2017. We are no longer only facilitate the local seller, but we also provide one-stop e-commerce solution for brands. Today, we are the home of Alibaba.com’s global suppliers in Indonesia and Indonesia e-commerce partner.

Over these past few years we have marked prominent steps in our milestone journey. We count every step that we took, each challenges that we faced and all the innovation we creatively created as the way we keep learning, growing and evolving. Here are our remarkable throwback moments:

Dec, 5th 2017 – Alibaba Global Course

More than 1000 enthusiast participants had gathered at Ritz Carlton to widen their knowledge in export and e-commerce business. We spent a full day filled with useful sessions delivered by e-commerce masters. We were pleased to host such an advantageous event to encourage Indonesian exporters distribute their products to the world through the largest B2B e-commerce platform, Alibaba.com.

Dec, 19th 2017– Shopee Special Appreciation Award 2017

After emerged as e-commerce enabler, we scored our first award. This award is given for the work we have done for OPPO. As our first brand partner, OPPO has given us a complete trust to take over OPPO business in e-commerce ecosystem. By our determine efforts and solution around 643% sales of OPPO was increasing less than 1 year.

Jan, 5th 2018 – First Warehouse Officiation

Our warehouse built for ensuring the best fulfillment service. We decided to have our own warehouse where the fulfillment complements, packing and logistic can running optimally.

Sept 2018 – First Phase expanding to Thailand and Vietnam

When the fall came, windy weather of September signalled us to brace a new step. After observed the role of e-commerce enabler in SEA, we saw the opportunity to bring our efforts and solution fly to Thailand and Vietnam.

Nov 2018 – Moving into New Warehouse

Within months we have attracted more brand to partnered with us. Our first warehouse was no longer enough to manage our productivity. To step up our fulfillment service game, we move into 3.700 square meters warehouse on Daan Mogot, West Jakarta.

Dec, 6th 2018 –The Digital Marketing Campaign of The Year

Sometimes you learn, sometimes you win. So, how lucky we are to get both the learn and the win in one row. Along our way to keep innovating and working on our digital marketing campaign, we’ve been awarded Marketeers Editor’s Choice Award 2018 in the Digital Marketing Campaign category. Our work to designed and excecuted e-commerce startegy for OPPO Find X had led us toward our prized possession.

In the spirit of celebrating our new age we want to gratify our 16 platform partners and more than 20 brand partners that believe in our work. Last yet more important, we can’t miss our chance to thank our passionate and energetic team who made these past 2 years as incredible as it seems.

We are welcoming our second anniversary with the enthusiasm of two year child. In which they explore the world with such a positive excitement. So does Jet Commerce in roaming the dynamic e-commerce ecosystem.

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Do You Have Any Question?

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Do You Have Any Question?

+62 21 808 23118